iPad is not a big iPod touch

I don’t get it. What happens that no one pays attention to what they are saying?

When iPad was unveiled, everyone started saying it looked like a big iPod touch, or an iPhone. I think no one ever stopped to really think about it. Apple design is quite minimalist, so we really have to look deep in the details, and that is why I disagree that iPad’s looks is derived from the iPod touch.

If you take a closer look, it is looks much more like a MacBook Pro display with a home button than an iPod. Can you see any polished and reflective metal back? No. It’s aluminum unibody comes definitely from the MacBook Pro heritage, and it has a uniform black frame around the screen, just like the MacBook Pro display.

I know its display is multitouch capable, it runs iPhone OS and has a Home button, but in terms of looks, design and details, it is much closer to the Macbook Pro than to the iPod touch, so, please, let us all stop calling the iPad a giant iPod touch…


A long way for Microsoft

Microsoft Home

You heard about Microsoft Surface and you want to know more about it. So you go to microsoft.com. What would you expect from the company that just released it?
I would say a huge image on their home page “à la Apple” linking to a great website that will tell me everything about the Surface. But you can’t (yet) have it all with Microsoft. The website with information and videos is there, a little heavy but really nice. What is missing is the big image instead of the micro text announcement.

Microsoft gets busy and releases Surface

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft released its new multi-use table called Surface, and it is something I would say “Wow!” about. Altought we have already seen multi touch technology, Surface is th first move to bring it to real life, out of research labs. And, on a big 30-inch screen display table!
Check out their site with demo videos. Sharing pictures looks great for the first time since digital age began. But the coolest application is sharing the restaurant bill. Sweet.

Share pictures from iPhoto with Google’s Picasa Web Albums

Picasa and iPhoto

Using iPhoto is great, you can share photos directly with Mail, use keywords and create nice slideshows. With the release of Google’s Picasa Web Albums Exporter it got easy to share pictures over the web. All needed is the iPhoto plugin and a Google account. It is really easy to use and gives us one more reason to buy .mac … not!

Cool iTunes visualizer


Check out Magnetosphere. It’s a great (and free) iTunes visualizer that seems to realy works. Really nice sincrony with the music. Nice thing to add to your Mac.